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LabVIEW resolution issue

Hey all, so long story short I've got myself a LattePanda with a 1024x600 IPS Display, and all was fine and dandy until I realized LabVIEW has a minimum screen resolution requirement of 1024x768. What is best course of action to do about this problem? What will get affected by the smaller resolution? Will any functions be limited? I am waiting on my student copy of LabVIEW to come in, so i'm still very new to all of this. Thanks in advance. The LattePanda runs Windows 10, and from my other research the resolution is the only thing holding it back from being a portable LabVIEW computer.

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I have succesfully used LabVIEW on a little netbook with 1024x600 resolution.


It works, but it is definitely more fun to develop with more pixels, especially if the diagram becomes a bit more complicated. No real problem with LabVIEW itself, but there were some test panels in MAX that had the bottom cut off and some buttons were unreachable. No guarantees.


What are you trying to do with it? Are you getting the student edition from your school?


If you are a student, you can also just download the regular evaluation version and request a student key to activate it as student edition. 

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Thanks for the reply! So far my main idea was to use a standard monitor to develop the program, but Im still learning how to do everything so here's to hoping I can do that lol. 


As for the why: I'm currently in an internship program long story short my task is a portable LabVIEW DAQ with touchscreen display so I'm trying to research my best options.


I never knew that I could download the evalution version and register it as a student. My advisor told me I had to request a version through the school so thats what I did. Ill try to download it and let you know how it goes.

In terms of testing, the Panda is coming in next week so then will be the first real attempt to run it.

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Your school probably has a student install option, so that's what you should use then, especially if it is required for coursework or similar.


The free student license is only for personal educational use  (details).

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It helps with forcing you to build smaller VI's. 🙂


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I believe that is only a "recommended" minimum resolution.


The minimum resolution for Windows 10 is 800x600 so any program that runs on Windows should (should) be able to run as low as 800x600.

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I would say your resolution is plenty for a deployed system. Just don't overload your front panel with too much stuff.


On a side note some of the LabVIEW requirements seem ridiculous and less than current. For example they say that the run time engine requires a system 256MB of RAM, however all of the listed OS versions (windows 7 or higher) require "1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit" according to Microsoft. You can't even built a system with less than that and the run time engine runs fine on a minimal windows systems. We don't need 256 MB extra.


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