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LabVIEW memory management changes in 2009-2011?

Thanks for the update. Yea, I talked to an AE the other week and asked about this CAR and they had told me that 2012 had not resolved it. Its nice to have a physical confirmation from you. The unfortunate thing is that I don't think the DB Toolkit is a product NI plans to REV and even at that the issue is NOT the toolkit, its the ActiveX call to the ADBO drivers behind the scene. The toolkit is just a wrapper. Thanks again for the update.

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I am glad NI still says it is an issue.  I was looking at the LV 2012 Known Issues list and saw the CAR was not there.  Was worried NI had dismissed it as not being important.


I'm actually glad I revisted this today, because the same project needs an update and I forgot I modified DB toolkit VIs to get the memory down.


Even if NI changes the way the DB Toolkit accesses the DB, if they continue to pass data out as variants (or use variants anywhere along in the process), this problem will never go away.

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