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LabVIEW installation problems



I am trying to install LabVIEW 2014 on my computer running Windows 8. Every time I try to install the software the installation windows is not large enough to select the continue button. I cannot increase the size of the window so I cannot install LabVIEW. Has anyone seen this problem?

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What's the resolution of your monitor?

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I have the same problem. Can't solve by changing the resolution. Here is a screenshot (I used the tab key blindly to start the installation).

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Just as a possible workaround, you may be able to use keyboard shortcuts to proceed through the dialogs. With the window in focus, use the tab key to select the next field (e.g. button, input etc.) and the space bar to 'click'. May need some trial and error but it may get you past the problem.

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Thank you. That is actually what I did for the first DVD to start the installation. Also got some help by using another DVD on Windows 7 on another computer to follow the steps. But it is a bit difficult when there are too many components to select, like installation directories or which components to install, etc.

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