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LabVIEW for Mapping of Network Drives with Error Handling

Is there a way to do the following easily in LabVIEW?

- List drive letters and network paths of existing mapped drives on host PC
- Check if a desired mapped drive is connected and if its disconnected reconnect to it
- Receive related errors that may occur during attempting a connection to a mapped drive (i.e. path cannot be found, etc...)

I know how to do most of this in VBScript but I'd like to avoid having ANY code for the work I'm doing be "non-G"!

Thanks for your time!
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Hello Ray,
You may want to take a look at the following Knowledgbase articles on

How Does LabVIEW Find Which Disk Drives Are in My Computer?

How Can I Programmatically Map a Network Drive in LabVIEW on a Windows 2000/XP Machine?

Best Regards,
Chris J
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