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LabVIEW at 20!

altenbach  I need your help.
     I built a close loop project on water temperature control. my objective is to control the temperature of water in a heating pot. the material i have are
heating pot ( deep fryer) 115vac
 cooling fan 115 vac
water pump 12 vdc
heat sensor
my objective is to create a code to control the project.  are there codes to control these hard ware. I wanted to design codes that will turn on or off heating pot when the heating sensor detected a temperature setpoint about 90 degree F or high limit.   After rearched 90 deg F the code will turn of the heating pot do you know to put a time delay of 5 seconds after the water pot turned off.
                       After 5 seconds the water pump started to pump.  is there a code for the  P W M or pulse width modulation where it will control the speed of the water pump. from slow to fast.  ater the water pump started another 5 seconds of delay for the cooling fan to turn on. the fan will cool down  water through a cooling radiator.    when the water temperature rearched a cooling temperature of 80 deg F or low limit then the heating pot started to turn on again.
sir, do you or anyone in here know something like i described
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  1. You're finally in right board, but you're in the wrong thread.
  2. Addressing a specific member is considered rude.
  3. I assume that even with the Christmas spirit, Altenbach will not write code for you, nor will he search for you.

What to do:

  1. Go over the tutorials I linked to.
  2. Look at the examples in the example finder.
  3. Search for what you want to find ("temperature control", "temperature control hardware", "PWM", etc.) and go over the results.
  4. After you understand what you want to do and have written some code, come back if you have a specific problem you can't find the answer to and ask about that problem.

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Christian Altenbach is actually recovering from a severe accident which occurred a few week back. Don't expect Christian to be overly active right now because he needs much rest time. Don't be overly demanding here and as tst pointed out please do create a special thread for your specific problem. This thread here is about special experiences, highlights and general remarks about the 20 years of LabVIEW we got so far.

People on the various LV-forums are extremely helpful and cooperative, but please don't overdo it.

Regards and as we say: Happy wireworks


Urs Lauterburg
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Urs, you can be happy - Alten is back in the game.

In this case, this user posted two different threads to the BreakPoint and does not seem to follow the suggestions in those threads.

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Dear All
I require ur help in building a VI to generate a sinle pulse(not continous) and send it a valve coil to actuate and measure the coil current back(response measurement)
For the above i used analog output and input option to send the pulse and measure the coil response but i succeeded in sending pulse and actuated it(oen/cose) but could not get the coil response back(current)
 i need to to do it simultaneouisly
I request the LabVIEW community to help in this regard i will attach the vi currently iam using
pls send me some example vi's
iam using PCI6040E and LabVIEW7.1
Thanks and Regards
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please start a new thread, this one is for telling what great thing you have done with LV

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