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LabVIEW and "USB to 1-wire" (DS2490)

Hello Benoit,


Thanks for all your help. I modified few of your driver VIs based on my need by going through the documentation of DS2505 and now it is working as expected 🙂

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Good 🙂 I knew it.

One way to thank the community to gives this driver for free, is to share what you found to make your device working.

If I have some free time, I'll post the driver with your modification included and your name in it as well 😉



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 I am still waiting for the details of your finding and your modification.

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Hi Benoit,


I apologize for the delay in response. Please find the changes that I have done below along with the modified code attached.


  1. In TM First VI, used all the values instead of the first 7 values in the array
  2. I was interested in only Writing and Reading values from the EEPROM and the scratchpad size for the EEPROM I was using is only 8 bits. So I modified the code to write 8 bit data to the scratchpad, program the EEPROM with this data and continue the same routine till all the values are written. Also I am not doing any CRC checks.

The code attached was created to suit my project needs (not in a generic manner) and was created in LV2016 32-bit.

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I have a problem, maybe one of you has already done something like this. I would like to read out the voltage via the TMEX with my 1-wire device. Unfortunately I use LabView 2009, so most of the things here are of no use to me.

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