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LabVIEW and "USB to 1-wire" (DS2490)


Yes this is an old thread. But I wish to shared a superb TMEX labview library for free.

I am facing one issue in LabVIEW 2017 64 bit. the TMEX scratch pad write read and copy seems to not work. I have tried with 3 different memory IC without success. I have based my tools on the one that you published. If you have any more help on that matter (experience the 64 bit.dll) please let me know.

Everyone will benefit from that library. (low lever API call as well as simple high level cal + demo)

All this with beautiful LabVIEW code.

I'll add the CRC function after I'll make the basic one working.Scratchpad function.jpg

Please help!! Smiley Very Happy



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I am new to 1-wire devices and TMEX. I am using DS1985 (Alternate Name - DS2505) device and DS9097U_DS948X Adapter. I am looking to program the EEPROM memory using LabVIEW.

I went through the older discussions in this thread and found that to communicate with one wire device I should start a session first. I used a code uploaded in the same thread and it is returning an error that "1-wire network does not exist". But when I use the OneWireViewer Software, I am able to detect the device. Could someone please explain me on why I am getting that error and if I am missing anything to start the session.




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Anyone have idea about the problem faced by MohdNizar.. He is able to start communication with USB adapter but not able to identify the EEPROM connected with the Adapter. Please help some one already having knowledge on this.

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Give me one more week.

I'll post the 1-wire driver.....

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Thank you for responding.

I will wait for one more week.

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Your dream will come true today my friend. go to this link:

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Thanks Benoit...Its a great created it awesome..


One doubt, calling convention for the call library function should be "stdcall (WINAPI)"?? Its working for me if the calling convention is "stdcall (WINAPI)" and giving error if it is "C".

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the .dll is in c.

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Hi Benoit,


Thanks for the one-wire driver. I am able to connect to the device with the VIs you have provided by calling the dll as stdcall. However, I having trouble in writing and reading from the memory.

  1. While writing to the memory, I am not able to successfully write to the scratchpad (All Write CRC, Read CRC and copy fails but there are no errors as well)
  2. While reading from the memory I am getting an error (1097) at BlockStream Node as the data input to the node is empty.

Any advice on how to proceed will really help us out.

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Hello dear Canadian fellow,

You might experience some difficulty to do the memory read and write with the device you are using.

first step is to master the documentation.

According to the documentation, you have AA F0 A5 to access the memory address/status.

some memory has timing that are not documented. I found it on the S28EC20. The support from maxim integrated help me on that one.

I suggest you to read at least 5 times the documentation especially if you are not familiar with the 1-wire communication.

The Vi high level for memory access might not work in your situation. I never try the device you are playing with. Since I do not have this device on hand, I cannot create the driver.

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