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LabVIEW and Python


LabVIEW and Python

Dear NI community,

let me ask a question, which is rather some general one, and not directly belongs to LabVIEW usage itself.


A lot of people now talk about LV + Python usage; a lot of employers also require besides LV knowledge, also knowledges of Python.

I have no doubts, that Python is very powerfull instrument, but let me ask people, who are actually using Python - what tasks do you solve with it? I mean, if I'm gonna start to learn it, what should I be focused on? Is it some calculations/analysis code, or some parsers/scrapers, or communication with some 3rd party software by some scripts?


Because it's difficult to realize need of Python to be used with LabVIEW, without knowing some use cases...


Thank you very much in advance!


Sincerely, kosist90




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Re: LabVIEW and Python

Hi Kosist, 


Python is just a general use programming language that can be used to control hardware, build the backed for software and many other things. I'm not sure exactly what it's most common use is but it's a very powerful and intuitive language. 


As far as how NI works with Python, we have a few different APIs for the systems that we sell. 


Check out the following page: 


NI and Python Resources





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Re: LabVIEW and Python

Well it comes down to people use the programing language they know and are more comfortable with. We use LabVIEW in our lab, but one of our subsidiaries is using Python in their lab to do exactly the same type of testing we do in our lab. Because they know Python and have no LabVIEW programmers on staff.


I would say to concentrate on instrument control as from what I have seen at our subsidiary the majority of people that know Python do not kow instrument control, VISA, and related, as that is where they are struggling.


BTW: When the question comes up " But is LabVIEW as GOOD as Python, C, or their favorite programing language?"


Answer it this way.


Let's say you have to technicians doing a manual test following the same test procedure.

  1. Technician A speaks Russian
  2. Technician B speaks French

Based on that alone tell me who tested it better.


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