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LabVIEW and CANoe

Hello all.


I'm new to LabVIEW and need some directions on how I can interface LabVIEW with Vector CANoe to log some measurements. I've attached an image of the high level layout.


Basically, I'm reading some sensor data using LabVIEW and want to log these data in CANoe. I'm using the NI-XNet library to write these sensor data onto the CAN bus. I was able to do a loopback test on the PXI-8513, ie send out data on CAN1 and read on CAN2, but I'm having the toughest time trying to talk to CANoe. 


Is there a way to do this?





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You should learn to Google.

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Hi nyc,


Thanks for the reply.


I believe the example is for when the CANoe and LabVIEW softwares are installed on the same system. Correct me if I am wrong. 

I have two computers, one with LabVEW and the other with the CANoe software. 


I've been trying the method demonstrated by user TroyK ( Instead of a CANCase, I've selected CANBOARDXL_PXI with both hwIndex and hwChannel set as 0 (using CAN 1 on the PXI-8513 board) but I keep getting the '101 wrong parameter error'. On the CANoe side, the CAN cable is interfaced to a CANBOARDXL. 


Any idea on how to get around this?




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Let me try to understand this correct.


You have a NI PXI system with a CAN card, and you have a PC with CANoe runnning.

And somehow you what LabVIEW to control a NON NI program on a different PC?


You need to control CANoe. CANoe can record everything that is on a CAN bus by using a Vector hardware, such as the CANcaseXL.


To use the NI hardware, you need to use the NI driver!

Vector drivers are for Vector hardware!


Use the XNET driver in LabVIEW to use the PXI-8513 to transmit to data on the CAN bus.

The use CANoe with your CANcaseXL to read the CANbus and record the data.

How to record data in CANoe, you need to contact Vector or look at their website.

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I'm not trying to control CANoe but just log some measured data from NI. 


Well I was able to finally communicate with my CANoe system and see the transmitted messages using the XNET library. I feel I should I have spent more time working on my XNET code before posting the question here or before looking for other alternatives to transmit messages from my NI to CANoe.


Thanks for you help.



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I am looking to run Vector asc file which i logged from CANALYZER, i need vi proram to execute those asc file.any help

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