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LabVIEW Web Service Namespaces

This is just a question of curiosity - does anyone know why a nested web resource in a NI web service is not namespaced?  I did not realize this was an issue until I added several nested resources that had similar functionality and had a conflict with the names (even though the VIs were in separate folders).  I figured these resources would act as libraries, but I guess I was wrong...

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What do you mean by nested web resource?


Libraries are namespaces, but folders are not. If VIs have the same name, it will conflict because of the URL. You can see this by right clicking the web service and viewing the properties. Here under site maps you can see the URL that is created.


I hope this helps!

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Thanks Jacob.  But, a web resource is not a "folder" to my knowledge.  It is an organizational tool for routing html traffic.  Here is what my project looks like:




These resources are neither physical nor virtual folders.

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