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LabVIEW VI Block for setting the threshold

May I ask what is the name of this block in LabVIEW? Badly needed to perform x-ray image processing. Thanks.

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This VI does not seem to be native from LabVIEW.


Are you sure it was not developed by someone else?


The VI pallet similar to the one you are looking for is the Vision -> Image Processing -> Processing


Guilherme Correa
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Hi nerudorin,


I never saw such an icon: check.png

It doesn't seem to be a native LabVIEW function…


Is there a reason why you attach such a distorted image?

Can you show the context of this VI? Which wires go into and come out of the VI?

Are there any controls/indicators connected with descriptive labels?

Can you ask the author of that image? Can you name the source of this image?



Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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I'm not sure, but on the image I searched it says that it is use in setting the threshold of the image.

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I just cropped that block from a pdf file that contains the block diagram in processing an x-ray image. There are no labels on the on the other part of the block.

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Is there a possibilty that it is a subVI? I'm sure it's not. The author used LabVIEW 14.0

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As others pointed it is very difficult to tell what VI it is, because
-Image is distorted and there is no enough explanation about it on icon.
-If it is okay, point to the paper so that can get more info.
-Is it possible to get the wires before and after the VI Icon?
-Input is color image? If it is maybe you can check with Color Threshold VIs too :
-Thresholding changes a grayscale image to a binary image, i.e. the range of pixel values goes from [0, 255] to [0,1]. This is visually represented by a black (for pixel value 0) and red (for pixel value 1) image in NI-Vision (Which is matching with the Icon) :

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