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LabVIEW RT driver support for CEI-620?

Hi All,

I am using PXI-8106 to run heavy-duty communication and one chasis holds the CEI-620 card (third party ARINC429 card from GE, formerly Condor Engineering).  Currently  on the PXI controller only runs LabVIEW RT (Pharlap) since I did not want to install Windows OS to slow the performance.  Now here it is the problem, GE does not provide LabVIEW RT driver support for CEI-620 (they do have LabVIEW RT support for CEI-830 though, but that card is PMC interface). Basically right now MAX can not recognize the CEI-620 card on the host side, and I can not deploy my ARINC429 application VI to the target PXI controller. I am wondering anybody here has encountered the same problem and develop the LabVIEW RT driver for CEI-620 on his own?


Martin Ding
Senior Project Engineer
S-TEC Corporation

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Hi Martin,
That is an interesting situation to be in.  Hopefully someone has encountered this before but no one I have talked to has.  If you are an expert on the card you might be able to write your own driver but your best shot is to hope the manufacturer writes one.

Eric A.
National Instruments
Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer
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I exactly have the same problem today.

Did you find any solution ?


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Unfortunately, I do not have a straight/convinient solution for that. A couple of thing you can try:

1 Get a CEI-830 card with the PXI form factor. They do have the customized form factor for CEI-830.

2 Try to write your own LabVIEW RT driver for CEI-620. I've been trying to do luck yet.

Hopefully that helps you at least a little.


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You might check out this article on how to create a custom driver for a 3rd party device in Real-Time.  Basically it discusses how to use VISA commands to communicate with your device.
Eric A.
National Instruments
Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer
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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your information. I believe I tried this before, but dropped in the midway. The reason is that all these are dealing with interrupt-based devices, but unfortunately CEI-620 only uses polling mode. May be I am wrong, but I'll look through the artical again, and see if I get any luck this time.

Please advise if you have some further information.


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Thank you for your help Eric.

Your link is interresting and I was happy to find this one in this page.

But I could not install my CEI-620 board with VISA, even if I have created the .inf.

MAX still cannot see the board.



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Unfortunately I don't have much more information to offer.  I would suggest checking to make sure you have all the correct device information whe you create the ini file.  I think you should still be able to develop a driver for a poll based device.  It should be easier to generate an ini file if you do not require interrupt information.  Make sure you have the correct identification information and try using the VISA Driver Development Wizard again.
Eric A.
National Instruments
Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer
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I have CEI-830 card.  I try to run my examples with labview rt and it fails (AR_load_slv drivert device error). Do I need to install something on the LabView RT ?
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Hi Fayet,


The CEI 830 card is supported for LabVIEW RT with a on a PMC-to-CompactPCI/PXI Adapter.


Please check this link.


Please also check with the manufacturer of CEI to see if they have any specific drivers for this.



Warm regards,
Karunya R
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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