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The company I work for had an SSP subscription from LV 8.6 until late in 2018 for the Pro Development system, yet when I install LabVIEW 2016, it installs as a 'Full Development system', and shows the pro version is for evaluation only.  


I don't think I have installed 2016 before, but it was still licensed.


I don't understand why this is, can anyone help me out here?

metzler CLAD
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Some error in the License Manager?


What if you go into NI License Manager and enter your serial number for LabVIEW2016 for the Professional Development System.


By the way, I find the option in NI License Manager to check your account and activate software listed there just doesn't work right.  I always have to manually enter the serial numbers for my various packages.

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Okay, I updated license manager to 4.7, right click the professional development system, and press activate.  I log in to my NI account, and get the warning 'Your account is not yet confirmed.  You must confirm your email address before continuing', but I didn't get an email.  

This may be what you were talking about that doesn't work.  


How do I manually enter the serial numbers for the various packages?  From license manager?

metzler CLAD
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Click the unlicensed software then click Activate Software at the top.


A black dialog box pops up.  Pick Enter a Serial Number from the dropdown box.


Enter the serial number next to the items you want to activate and press Activate.

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Thanks for the advice.


When I click 'activate software' at the top, it requests me to 'Log in to Activate', then a NI User Account window opens for my email and password.  


After entering, I get a message that my 'account has not yet been confirmed.  You must confirm your email address before continuing.'  This is odd, since I have received emails from NI at this address.


I have checked with the IT department and no emails have been quarantined and no emails in my junk folder. 

metzler CLAD
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Contact your NI sales representative.


Something might not be working on their end.

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What appears to work in some cases is if you log into your account through a browser (I don't know if you need to keep the browser open, but it couldn't hurt), then try to activate.  I guess the theory is that you have created a connection with your account and the activation software sees it.

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Thanks everyone for the help.  I think the problem was I never received a confirmation email.

What I did was go the NI product activation page, enter my information, and it gave me an activation code.

I then disconnected the computer from the internet, opened NI license manager, and it asked for the activation code since there was no internet connection.  

Now it show I am licensed for both Full and Professional versions, which is fine with me.  



metzler CLAD
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For anyone who stumbles across this in the future, the "confirm your email address" part of that error message is actually a link! It's in very dark green next to black text and isn't underlined, so it's nearly impossible to see (NI should fix that). If you click that, it will actually send the confirmation email, which you can then use to confirm your address. This worked for me.

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