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LabVIEW - Plot network traffic live



I am currently using myDAQ to measure the power consumption of a modem which is connected via USB to the measurement laptop. 

So far, I use LabVIEW to capture the power trace (which I can see live) and simultaneously I capture the packet trace using Wireshark/Tshark in the measurement laptop in order to analyse them offline. 


I would like to plot the traffic live to correlate it with the power consumption. 


I thought of the following options


1) LabVIEW program that does everything (if LabVIEW can capture the network traffic and show it live)


2) Create a csv file with Tshark that I read in LabVIEW live (I use the following command, but it has buffering, so it is not so live.... tshark -i 2 -T fields -E separator=, -e frame.time_relative -e frame.len | tee Desktop/mycsv.csv)


3) Create a file with the power output in csv and read this and the tshark output in a Java program


I have not found any proper reference for 1), so I tried 2) one but the data is shown only every 5 seconds, which makes it very ugly...


Any ideas of how I could do 1), or improve 2)?


Thanks in advance, 

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Hi Ekhi, 


Do you have a VI which you have done related to this? I did find some examples online which does something about Ethernet packet sniffing using LabVIEW here using WinPcap functions: 


Unless there is a way to transfer data from Wireshark to LabVIEW directly using communication protocols such as TCP to pass data from wireshark to LabVIEW (cause LabVIEW has network communication related tools such as TCP)



Hope that helps.


Warmest regards,





Learning new things everyday...
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