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LabVIEW: (Hex 0x80004005) Unspecified error. ===== NI System Configuration: (Hex 0x80004005) Miscellaneous operation failure.

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I am getting this error when trying to run the

I am able to run the program from my computer in the office fine. I then copied the files to another computer in our lab. I click the run arrow and the Deployment Progress window comes up. Deployment status reads:


Calculating dependencies...

LabVIEW: (Hex 0x80004005) Unspecified error.


NI System Configuration: (Hex 0x80004005) Miscellaneous operation failure.


I have been to the Measurment and Automation Explorer and installed/ reinstalled the remote system softwares on both computers and they are matching versions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Can you check if what is mentioned in this document may apply to what you are seeing when you try to deploy the software.



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Thanks for the reply. I tried to update the firmware but have the same error message. I have attached some images that may help.

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I am pretty new to LabVIEW but it seems to me that it has to be some difference in the installed software on the two different computers. One computer works fine and the other gives the error. I open the project explorer from the same network drive. I have gone through and installed/reinstalled the same software versions on both C drives of the computers. ???

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With the help of NI tech support I think we found a solution. We uninstalled Labview from the computer. We then reinstalled in the following order. 1. Install labview 2015 development environment. 2. install real time module. 3. install FPGA. 4. install CompactRIO drivers. We installed these one at time to insure that they were install in the correct order and it seems to have solved our issues. Thanks.

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I am working on control a Quanser Active Suspension System. I'm acquiring data using Q1-cRIO via ethernet cable. But I cannot run the VI program (ASE Open because of an error in deploying the program (as seen in Deployment progress.png). I tried the solution provided to uninstall and then install in the proper order, but still it did not work. Can anyone tell me how i should proceed from here.

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I am far from a Labview expert, but another issue that we found with this program/computer was that one computer was set up to run the 64 bit version and the other was set up to run the 32 bit version. Once our IT person removed the 64bit version and installed the 32 bit version our issues seemed to be resolved. 

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