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Lab view scripting - save and run vi´s

Hey together, my Name is Andreas and I´m new in the LV World.

I Use Labview 2015 and has to realize something with LV Scripting. We want to control LV with another software (This must be by this way). I Has to Start an vi and generate an new vi with scripting and send some Information via ActiveX. Up to here it works...


But at the Moment its not possible for me to save this new vi automaticly via scripting. When i get saved it, its really Easy to run it.


I tried to make a litle draw for my system, i hope it will help you.


Sorry for my bad English, but i hope you can help me.


Best regards Andreas

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@AndreasNothstein wrote:

[...] This must be by this way [...]

I wonder why this is.

This'll save a VI:


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