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LIFA for Arduino DUE



I have the Arduino DUE and I wish to connect with Labview, but I didn't found a LIFA compatible with Arduino DUE.


Can you help me? You know other form to connect with Labview? 


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The LIFA toolkit officially only supports the Mega and the Uno.  That being said the LIFA toolkit is little more then a serial wrapper for getting inputs and setting outputs of the Arduino.  So to me this means, if you can get the firmware to compile and upload to the DUE then the toolkit should work just fine, assuming a DUE looks like a serial port like all other Arduinos do.


So I'd say go for it and let us know if it works.  Get the LIFA toolkit, get the firmware and open it in the Arduino IDE, then compile it for your board and upload.  If it fails to compile then the toolkit won't work without updating it.  If it does work then try to use the functions on the palette to communicate with it.

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