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Hello All, Just getting back into LabVIEW after a long hiatus. I have installed a lot of stuff via VIPM, including the LabPython structure, tools etc. I have added everything referencing OpenG. I have found old (~2009) references on the 'net to LabPython examples but I can find nothing on my system. I have checked in the examples folder as well. Have the examples been deleted? If so, does someone still have them? If not, what have I done wrong in the installation? Also, I installed the NI Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). VIPM says it is installed but I'm darned if I can find anything on any of the palettes. Where do they appear? Am I missing something, or is it just to late at night for my poor brain? Thanks
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For most packages, if they install anything to the palettes you can open the installed package in package manager and click the 'show in palettes' button and it will open the palette for you in LabVIEW so you can find it.


If the package includes any examples - you might need to look for them yourself - either in the palettes or in one of the folders that VIPM installs the package to (e.g. a subfolder in vi.lib).

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