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Keithley 6517B I-V staircase sweep plotting data

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I think my code works now so I'll just accept this as a solution

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Ok, post if there's anything you want to improve in your code.


BTW, did my code work?  I haven't got access to my 6517a for a few days to test..

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I cannot open your code there seems to be a subVI that's missing. I'm only using background noise so I won't know that it actually works until I get real results. Here's mine It  should work for what I need

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LabVIEW tip - When you open a LabVIEW file with subVIs on a different PC, it needs to find the subVIs if they are at a different location.  Just use the "Browse" feature when the dialogue comes up to locate subVIs, select the proper location on your PC.  You usually only have to do that once or twice for instrument drivers and then it finds all of them.



Instrument Programming Tip - Run your code with a resistor (50Ohms/1W) across the terminals.  Use V=iR to ensure that you're code works.  Nothing worse than writing and debugging a lot of code that doesn't work because you didn't setup an easy test case.

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