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Just openning LabVIEW & causing 99% CPU usuage

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That's an excellent idea. I booted my laptop in safe mode, then I opened LabVIEW & 0% CPU usage.

After rebooting  in normal mode, I opened LabVIEW & tried to kill every NI software process that is active.

Then after I restarted LabVIEW & 0% CPU Usage on Getting Started screen.

I will try to reboot one more time and see if exactly which process it is that is causing this hang-up.


As always, thanks for all your help.

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After a process of elimination, I have determined that it was nisvcloc.exe that was causing LabVIEW to be at 99% CPU usuage.

Once I kill that process, LabVIEW is back to normal. It doesn't seem like an essential file to be active but anyone has an idea if

there will be any longterm consequences of killing that application?

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What Is The NI Service Locator And How Do I Troubleshoot?


One thing that will not work with that service off is being able to open examples directly from the Example Finder or from the Help file.

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OK, now that we know what it is, we still need to know why it acts this way, because obviously it's not normal..


Are you absolutely sure that you did not install or reconfigure any firewall or security software?


It could be that some misguided AV heuristic deems the actions of this program as suspicious and thus blocks access.


At the same time, you might also want to scan your computer for viruses. Some more serious infections block certain programs form accessing the network to prevent e.g. succesful system and AV updates. 

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I was just on that weblink just before checking back on this forum and I didn't find any info that could affect 99% CPU usage problem!


Nothing was changed on my system before this problem started and I will scan my PC for viruses.

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I fully scanned my laptop for viruses last night and laptop is clean. I also scanned my PC for any x-ware programs & so for so good.
I do have the latest virus definitions as of yesterday from Mcaffe!


Any suggestions on what else to do with NI Service Locator?

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Good Afternoon labVexpert2b,


When LabVIEW uses 99% CPU on load, the general concensus is to repair LabVIEW.  After reading your first post, I would feel silly asking you to repeat this effort.  However, I do want to confirm that you repaired LabVIEW and not just one of the modules (or similar).


Is this computer on a corporate network with a domain managed by an IT department.  They have the power to install Windows updates without you knowing.  My expectation is that if an update messed up one computer, it would mess up both that you mentioned you have; unless the working one is not on the same network.


Is this a fresh install of LabVIEW or an upgrade?  If an upgrade, from what version?  Did you install the same version(s) to both computers from the same media?

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I finally fixed my problem and it seems that a virus did affect NI Service Locator.

It seems that the virus was only detected in safe mode even though I fully scanned

my laptop with the latest virus definitions in normal mode. 

Nevertheless, thank you all for your inputs.

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What was the name of the virus? This is so that if this comes up in the future we can at least be aware of it.
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It was the basic Trojan that was attached to bogus file in the C:\WINDOWS\ folder called "SHYP.DOS".

That file couldn't be deleted by the Virus program, I had to use other tools to permanently delete it.

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