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Issues with Using Data Dashboard and Using Web Service

After running a system for many months it has suddenly decided to not work at all.  I am using Data Dashboard to read variables on a host.  I'll outline the system here to get a baseline:


I'm running LV 2012 SP1 f5. 

I collect data from one Ethernet port and interfact it to another Ethernet port to form a proxy.

I use a fixed IP address from my DSL along with port forwarding/port triggering in my router for data observation and control.



So, what have I done so far?

1.  Repaired my original LV 2012 SP1 and tested system.

2.  Upgraded to LV 2012 SP1 f5 and tested system.

3.  Ran service.msc and checked all the NI services that should be operational.  Started and stopped several of them and rebooted computer.

4.  Deployed all my SVs (multiple times)

5.  Disconnected second Ethernet interface becasue sometimes the variables would deploy to this IP address.

6.  Turned off my wireless because sometimes the variables would deploy to this IP address.

7.  Checked "Web Server Configuration" "Application Web Server" for correct port number.

8.  Checked "Web Services Management" and under "Deployed Web Services" there is one category:  SV is marked as running.  NOTE!!  WebService is NOT listed and this could be a problem


I can use the following to retrieve data&colon;  localhost:<port number>/sv/variable.  But when I substitute my DSL IP number, I can no longer get any data.


So, what am I missing?  





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Any suggestions?

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Hello PaulB1310,


Would you be able to tell me what has changed since the last time the program was working properly? Was anything upgraded? Is this the first time you are testing the program on the DSL connection? Did you make changes to the code and, if so, when you change it back does the problem persist? 


Also, have you verified that the DSL connection that you mentioned is functioning correctly?



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Thanks for your response.


I haven't touched the NI code in months.  It is running on an XP laptop and I have the Windows updates turned off.  McAfee is running on it and of course that updates regularily.  This laptop is a dedicated machine that I only use for this function, nothing else.  I haven't added or subtracted any programs for many months.


There have been no changes to the DSL from me.  AT&T is constantly trying to get us to upgrade to U-Verse but we have resisted.  All DSL modem and router hardware is the same.  


Confusing, huh?




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Any more ideas?


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I am sorry to hear about your issue, it looks like a difficult one. I am no expert on Data Dashboard applications, but since the only possible change might be in the antivirus, I would recommend to check on it. Maybe some of the updates changed its configuration. If possible, I would disable it, and check if the application works, as a step to try to narrow down the issue.

Also, could you tell us with a little more detail, what do you mean when you say that “the application decided to not work at all”?


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