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Issue in building executable for moving motorized stage



I am relatively new to LabVIEW and am working on a DAQ software for a spectrometer. One component of the program is the ability to move a stage during measurements. This movement is controlled by a vi called There are some other vi's associated with the stage (,, etc.)


The receives a real number input (in mm) and speed, and the stage moves relative to its current position that distance at that speed. (A picture of the .vi is attached.)


Every thing works fine when I'm working with the DAQ software in the main vi, but when I try to build an executable on the same computer as the main program, the stage no longer moves (but no error occurs).


All other aspects of the program appear to be working normally in the .exe version.


I should also note that the vi's for controlling the movement of the stage are in a different file location than some of the other vi's. They are all located on a desktop folders.


I am using LabVIEW 2015 on windows.




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It is generally a good practice to keep all of your files associated with a project (that aren't installed in the LabVIEW installation directory) inside a single folder. But, LabVIEW is good at finding all dependencies and putting them in the executable for you, so unless you are calling some VIs by path, the dependencies should be there, and if they aren't you should see an error if you are handling errors well.


How do you refer to the motion controller? Is it on a COM port or USB port? Is that info stored in a control that you set, and perhaps the default value (which the exe would use) is different than what you set in the development environment?


Can you zip up your project and attach it? One of build types is a zip file, which should make it easy to zip up even if things are scattered around. 

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