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Is there a way to prgrammatically access the "Move on Disk..." functionality of the Files view in a LabVIEW Project?

I am referring to the right-click option in the LabVIEW Project Explorer under the "Files" tab that allows you to move a file on disk while preserving all linking and avoiding conflicts:




I would like to be able to access this functionality programmatically, using invoke nodes, as I am recursively looping through ProjectItems using property and invoke nodes. I have had some success with VIs using some "super secret" methods that are available in invoke nodes:




However, I have not had any luck with library (.lvlib) and class (.lvclass) files since no equivalent "Instruments and Callers Debug" method exists in the invoke node for Library references.


Using the "Move on Disk..." option in the Project Explorer achieves the desired behavior for all types of files, but I cannot find a way of programmatically invoking this method. Does anyone know if there is a way? Or if not, is there an alternate method for programmatically relocating library and class files on disk while preserving dependencies and avoiding conflicts and relinking issues?





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Hey Ethan!


Appreciate the thoroughness of your post. I just wanted to see if it would be possible for you to post a snippet of the code that does this in addition to the screenshot you've provided, since working with invoke nodes like this usually take a fair bit of drilling down to get to. A snippet might encourage others to look at it if it's an easy drag and drop into their own environment.



Claire M.
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Hi Claire,


I'm unsure as to whether or not I can post the actual code to to confidentiality. However, as mentioned by Hooovahh, there may be some functions in OpenGDS and the Darren's Hidden Gems package that provide some examples of how to achieve what we are trying to do.





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