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Issues Receiving Pictures from O-Scopes.



I have a program that communicates with an o-scope. At one point in the program it saves an image of the o-scope’s screen and then sends that to the computer through the GPIB, it loops through this area a number of times based on user input.


So the first time you run through the process it works fine but after that the very first loop in the process breaks and the image that is sent to the computer is either a blank image or just half the screen.


I have tried adding in timing nodes to slow the program down a bit, thinking that the first image takes longer to save, but that didn’t fix the issue. I have also tried letting the program run through the first loop and not record anything then act as if the second loop was the first loop and that didn’t work.


I am at a loss for what to do now, so any help would be very appreciated.




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You need to post more specifics. Posting your code that receives the image would be very useful as well as the documentation for your scope that defines how the images are formatted and sent to the host.

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Here is the part of the code that save the image to the o-scope then sends it to the PC. We save the images as .jpg

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Since the image data is binary instead of ASCII, you could actually have 0x0A in the data.  If so, then the VISA Read will stop there and you do not get all of your image data.  So turn off the termination character before attempting to read and turn it back on once you get all of the data.

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