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Is it possible to write waveform data to Citadel in LabVIEW

Citadel 5 supports the waveform data type but there does not seem to be anyway to write a waveform to Citadel in LV. 

Is there a solution for this?

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Hi Sir,


You can write waveform data to Citadel by opening a trace in LabVIEW using the DSC Module. You can find it at


You can read more on Logging Data with NI Citadel at


Furthermore, depending upon your application you can probably export the data from LabVIEW in either a tab-limited ASCII format or as a TDMS file which can then be accessed using Citadel 5. If you could describe your application more, we can help you better.

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The DSC Open Trace vi only supports the following data types:




Bit Array



Are you suggesting that I use the Variant data type for the waveform?

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You can either use the Numeric datatype or the variant datatype to write the waveform data.


If you want to write as a numeric datatype, you need to read absolute times stamps and then create pairs to write to the database. You can find an example at : \\labview\examples\lvdsc\Database\Direct Writing


If you use the variant datatype, you need to use the To variant function to convert the waveform into a variant in order to write to the database. If you need to read the data back into labview, convert the variant back into the waveform datatype by using the Variant to Data function and use the waveform constant as the type as shown in the screenshot below.



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The techniques you describe do not constitute a waveform datatype which is what is mentioned in NI documentation. A native waveform datatype should allow traces to be viewed in MAX or the DSM Hypertrend.
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It think this statement is misleading, since it implies that Citadel actually does have a native waveform datatype,

only LabVIEW does not support it.


Citadel Data Types

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gauthampo - forgot to say that I do appreciate your response and effort in investigating this issue!

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