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Is it possible to create a website with LabVIEW?

Hi all,
I would like to develop some simple websites. Is this possible using LabVIEW? Applications like frontpage do not give me the low-level control I need. Does anyone know of an existing website created by LabVIEW? Could VI server do the job?
Thanks / Martin
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Hello Martin,

yes you can do that 🙂 But your question is rather generic...

I made a "website" for different measuring setups. They continually produce a html-file and put that file on our intranet server. So we can watch the system via IExplorer from our office or other labs. I didn't use any special vi's, I just wrote simple html-commands (a simple table including pictures, auto-refresh).

LabView has vi's for html-generation. And it has a webserver included.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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I was thinking more of VI front panels and not HTML for the web GUI. As you can probly tell already I have virtually zero knowledge of web apps. That is why I'm thinking - can I use my 10years+ fulltime experience of LabVIEW apps to develop web apps, avioding html etc. I have seen similar to this, where LabVIEW front panel control is available over the web but the licencing seems impossible for general websites (please correct me if I'm wrong). I don't mind spending a couple of £K as a one-off.
I want to create things like: dynamic picture loading, login, access to database, auto response to emails, etc. All easy for me in LabVIEW. If I can use my LabVIEW experience and then bolt-on HTML for presentation of webpages maybe that would be OK.
Best Regards / Martin
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Well, and please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm sure you can probably use a screwdriver (not the drink) to saw a 2x4 but I think you're better off with the right tool. I've also been using LabVIEW for a long time and I've also developed web sites (intranet only). I would not select LabVIEW as my development environment for creating a web site jsut because I had tons of experience in LabVIEW. Kind of reminds me of the story of an engineer I worked with once who had tons of experience in Excel and decided to use that to create a TV Guide with it. Believe me, you had to see it to believe it.

Now, more to your point, nowadays there are plenty of web development tools that allow you to create simple web sites and not have to deal with HTML all that much. However, HTML is not a dirty word, and it's not all that difficult - in fact, it's pretty darn easy. Many of these tools are free. I've used them quite frequently. Here's a "small" listing: If you want to try something a bit more modern you can download the free Visual Web Developer 2005 Express from Microsoft at

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I was affraid this would be the end result, I was after high rewards for little effort (as always). First thing for me is to evaluate the myriad of applications such as you mention. Thanks for all the links, I now have a good starting place.
Regards / Martin 

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actually i have one doubt.??


i created website  with use of web publishing tool.I know i can monitor the updation in my PC web browser .Can i control and monitor the system from any other computer.?? if possible in the sense how??

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@pikasa1991 wrote:

Can i control and monitor the system from any other computer.?? if possible in the sense how??

Yes, you can (but only one computer can take control at any given time). Did you read the help?

The number of allowed simultaneous connection depends on your LabVIEW license.

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ho thank you for your suggesion.i will try,and i will get touch you soon

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