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Is datasocket messaging between a network of small applications feasible?

I want to create a number of self contained applications (exe's) that can be strung together to form a complete test solution. The exe's need to pass messages to one another in <To:><From:><data> format and I'd like to use datasocket as it's a  very simple interface. When To: = 'All' then the message is a broadcast to all exe's. I'm using Labview 7.1 and Windows XP. The exe's could be located on one or more machines.
Am I likely to be successful with the following?:-
1. A datasocket variable is created called 'message bus'
2. Any exe can send a message to 'message bus'
3. All exe's monitor 'message bus' for fresh data and act on it if it's addressed to themselves
My concerns are: -
1. What if two or more exe's send messages 'simultaneously'? Do some messages get lost?
2. How to ensure messages are received by all exe's?
What exe behaviour and datasocket setup might achieve the above? I'm just an EMC test manager not a programmer by trade so a bit stumped.
Best regards, Bob Edwards
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