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Internal error in fpsane.cpp when save a VI after his execution

Hi there,


I have a little issue with LabVIEW. I have the most basic possible VI that call a dll. This VI works good.


If I run my VI and after I try to save it, I have the error :

internal error in "fpsane.cpp", line 433

LV version 9.0.1

All works blablabla.


Any clue for fix this bug?


Best regards.

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Hi franz91

I was about to ask if you could post the VI, but since you can't save it that would be a problem......

This problem is unusual, but usually a problem with something (front panel object etc) in the VI becoming corrupt. I've never seen it appear at just savetime, normally you'll see it when you try to open the VI. Try deleting a control/indicator/constant/subVI and save. If the problem persists, undue the delete and try to delete something else until you find the faulty part.


If the VI is really basic like you say and it wouldn't be too much work recreating it may be the best way.


Best Regards



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Excuse my english. I can save the VI. It crash only when I try to save after an execution of the VI.


Please find enclosed my VI.

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I let you read the folowing documents about "fpsane.cpp" errors (Insane Object Errors) and try the possible fixes.


Knowledge Base 1F398NU0: What Does an "Insane Object" Error Mean and What Should I Do?

LabView Wiki: Insane Objects


It might help you,





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