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Intermittent (and infrequent) "The VI is not executable. The full development version of LabVIEW is required to fix the errors" message

Hi Steve,

As far as I am aware there isn't anything external.

There isn't anything loaded from the network with the exception of a database call.

I'll be including the code later today.

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See comments in red
@CoastalMaineBird wrote:

I have updated the .net framework to the latest version to no effect.


Are you directly using .NET objects?


No, it was merely something of a last ditch attempt of self help!


Are you running other programs on the machines?


Did it    A) run well for some time and then start occasionally misbehaving,

       or  B) misbehave occasionally since deployment?


if (A), what happened to the system at that time?  (New gizmo, Windows update, full moon...)



Is it only after a Windows REBOOT that it misbehaves?


No, the reboot is to fix the issue. Sometimes the reboot fixes it, sometimes it takes more than one. We leave the PC a while to settle itself after a boot.


Is your program set to autostart after Windows boot?



If so, could you stand to wait 10 seconds on startup before doing anything?


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@550nm wrote:

Are you 100% sure you've seen the problem the first time the app is run after a reboot?

I've seen applications not terminate correctly; some process lingers, tying-up a resource.  This kind of issue would not show up until _next_ time the application was run.  (...and would never happen on 1st run after reboot).


Fairly confident, but I wouldn't stake my life on it! The problem it's so intermittent that nailing down a series of events is very difficult. I'm going to have to ask the operator to keep a log.

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Here's the code. I've stripped some sensitive data out, and removed everything after the point where user interaction is required.

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