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Installation memory error on Windows 10

Attempting to install LabView 2018 (old version necessary for backwards compatibility reasons) on my very new Microsoft Surface running Windows 10. When I try to run the installer, I agree to let the installer make changes, and then immediately receive a pop-up window that says, "SETUP ERROR: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command."


Hard drive has 115 GB free, so I'm assuming it's a RAM problem. After restarting and closing all apps and as many background processes as possible, I'm seeing ~4.5 GB of free memory in the task manager--- but still getting the same error.


Has anyone had a similar problem on install?

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What kind of processor?

(Mid-Level minion.)
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Please specify the actual model of the Surface. LabVIEW is a Win32 application and only will work (and install) on a computer with the full Windows version and a Intel x86/64 CPU. Some of the Surface models are ARM based and run the Windows RT version (or even Android, although that is obviously not the problem here).

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