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Install LabVIEW on Windows 7 X64

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I'm trying to install LabVIEW from NI Developer Suite Third Quarter 2009 on Windows 7 X64 machine. The install program terminates with an unexpected error. I can install LabWindows/CVI from the same DVDs onto this machine.
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I solved this myself. The solution is to run setup.exe on the installation disk is Windows Vista compatibility mode.


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I'm adding my own experience in installing LabVIEW 2009 onto Windows 7 (64 bit) in case it helps anyone else, but in fact there's no magic bullet for the problems I had, I did it the hard way.


I saw no error messages at all, just that when the installer wanted DVD no.2, the DVD drive seemed to disappear.  Cursor remained as Windows 7 "timer donut", could do very little with PC except "master reset".

I tried:

  • A different DVD drive
  • Upgrading to Windows 7 sp1
  • Compatibility mode for Vista (as suggested above)

In the end I just copied the contents of the 3 install DVDs onto my hard disk.  I named the directories as the DVD labels, and was impressed that the installer found all the parts automatically.  Until it got to the Device Drivers DVD, which I had forgotten to copy, but mercifully at that stage I could browse to the DVD drive.  No special compatibility settings used, but I did run setup.exe "as administrator".


I'll put this down as a Windows 7 bug (and maybe specific to my hardware ?) rather than an NI problem.

Along the way, as part of the sp1 upgrade, I got MS IE9, another great way to drop one's productivity Smiley Mad (certainly made posting to this forum impossible, this done on a different machine).

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