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Infinite Sweep

Dear LV community,

I have a PXI-5412 arbitrary waveform generator and I am trying to generate a sine frequency sweep (chirp) at lengths beyond what my 4Million points onboard buffer allows. The sweeps are in the range of 1MHz to 10MHz sine chirps. If I want to play this sweep in the span of 1 minute lets say, we can easily see how this exceeds the 4Million points buffer on the PXI card.


I`ve tried the FGen Arb Waveform example, thinking to myself that I can generate this massive chirp programmatically and then stream it in blocks to my PXI-5412. Unfortunately the example spits out an error "Error -1074135028 occurred at Property Node (arg 1) in Fgen Arb Waveform" possible reason :"Attribute ID not recognized".  Leading me to thought that maybe PXI-5412 doesn't support that?


I cant seem to make it work, soo... help?

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Dear datatechNDT,


Could you please send me an NI AMX technical report? Here you can check how to create one,




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