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Increasing sample rate on cdaq 9174 with ni 9212

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Hello everyone!


I am trying to increase my sample rate on my ni 9212, that i use with a cdaq 9174 and LV 2015. Apparently, the sample rate depends on the conversion time, and can be changed between High Speed, Best 60 Hz Rejection, Best 50 Hz Rejection, and High Resolution. (see, page 6). My max. sample rate is 1.8 Hz, which indicates the use of the high resolution timing mode


I found this documents that explains how to change it with a crio:


however, i cannot change it when the module is not in my project, with my cdaq. My question is: how do I change the conversion time without a crio?


Thank you very much!



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I think DAQmx does it for you when you set the sample rate.  I have not tried it myself, so I cannot verify that.  But I have known DAQmx to do things like this for me.

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Hi Crossrulz,


thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it does not.


When I increase the sample rate above 1.8, I get error -200332 ("Specified sample rate is higher than the fastest rate supported by the device.")

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Hi X0N0,


there is a DAQmx Property for that:




You're welcome !

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Thank you very much Gregorelectric! That was exacly what I was looking for! You really made my day 😄

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