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Incorrect Byte count in reply


I am using Labview to set flow in a brooks flow controller. I have a problem recently, when I try to set a flow or rather a percentage opening, i get a message incorrect byte count in reply.

I have attached the screenshot of the error message. Can anyone suggest how I can overcome this issue ?


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Not only is that not a screenshot of the Error Message, but even if it was, it wouldn't be that much help to us.  If you get an error message, either something is wrong with your code, or you did something wrong when you ran the program (like providing the wrong data file).  In either case, we are much more likely to help you see the problem if you remove the blindfold you've placed on us -- post your code!  Attach the VI (do not attach a picture of the code -- that doesn't really help and is extremely annoying, to boot).  If your VI is part of a LabVIEW Project, compress the folder containing the Project and attach the resulting .zip file.


When you do this, you can also tell us the Error Number and the main Error Message you get.  We trust you to get the numbers right -- we do not need a Screen Shot.


Bob Schor

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Beside what Bob wrote you, you should also specify your hardware components in details:

  1. Your Brooks mass flow controller model
  2. Submodel type with the used interface: RS232, RS485, Profibus, ...?
  3. Do you interface your PC directly to the MFCs (via serial port for example), or you have something in the middle, like the Brooks 0254 control unit?
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