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Implementing Event Structures on cRIO-9022

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I am trying to implement Event Structures where I want to switch in between 'Start' and 'Stop' events. The LabView code works fine when I run it on PC. However, when I run the code on cRIO-9022 using RIO Scan Interface, the value change of the 'Start' button does not trigger the Start event. It keeps on waiting inside the 'Wait for Event' case, but never enters the 'Start' case. Does it mean that the Event Strucuture will not work on my cRIO or am I doing something wrong?

Since, I am beginner in LabView so I implemented this simple code to check if cRIO-9022 support Event Structures.


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From Event Structure Support in LabVIEW Real-Time

For targets without Embedded UI functionality, the Event Structure does not support UI events. Because Front Panels are not transferred to these real-time targets, any events based on a control or indicator will not work. However, the event structure does support user events.

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