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Ignore changes when closing LabVIEW from command line

Is there a way to ignore changes when closing LabVIEW from the command-line? So that LabVIEW doesn't halt the exit with a save prompt.


I'm trying to get an automated build server going and want to be sure that LabVIEW is really closed on the remote server and not stuck in an unknown state.

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How are you closing LabVIEW from the command line?

Also, are you always running into the issue with LabVIEW being stuck on a save prompt when closing?




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C:\>Taskkill /IM LabVIEW.exe /F


This is nasty... I'd consider it a last resort.

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Definitely want to stay away from Taskkill as it doesn't close LabVIEW properly and could lead to a crash.

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