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IVI driver not working after building application. Getting error 103 "No IVI class session opened...."

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I have an application that is working great in Labview and controlling a bunch of test equipment via the IVI drivers.  I want to build it and make it an application.  First I just want to make it an application.  Next I want to make it a stand-alone application via the installer.  When I build it into an EXE file, and run it on the same machine with Labview installed; it gives me an error:


"No IVI class session opened. You must call the class driver Initialize VI before you can call a specific driver VI. This error also can occur if the IVI Logical Name control is set to the wrong IVI Class."


Same computer that runs it fine in Labview.  I do not see any option in the build that look like they have anything to do with the drivers.  Any help????

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Do  you have NI-VISA and the IVI Compliance Package installed?





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Yup, remember, it works in the labview environment, just not after I build it into an EXE.  I think its some sort of driver error to be honest.

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It was the driver.  I seem to have downloaded the driver at a bad time when it was being updated.  I got the new one today and it works fine.

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Could you please share which driver and which version(check the header file or history) fixed the issue? Thanks!

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An old topic, but I recently had this error/problem/symptom.


What I discovered is that some of my controls and indicators had a specific IVI class, when they should all have the generic IVI class. In development, apparently LabVIEW is able to resolve these classes. In the runtime it could not.


Look for coercion dots, or check each control/indicator  (right-click on the control/indicator and "Select IVI Class").


I'm using an hp33120a function generator. Some controls referred to that specific ivi class, while other referred to the top level IviFgen class.


After changing all ivi classes to IviFgen, everything works in LVRTE (and deployed TestStand using the Runtime LabVIEW adapter).

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