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IEEE 1394 Using maximum transfer speed

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I am using an IEEE 1394 colour camera and I want to know how to be able to access the maximum transfer speed. Currently in the Measurement and Automation program I only get access to 100Mbits/s, even though I know that the camera can do 800Mbits/s. The initial driver that I installed with the software was not compatible with Labview and so I had to downgrade the software a little to be able to control the camera using Labview.


Is there a fix in Labview or have they solved this problem in later versions of the IMAQdx software? I am currently running IMAQdx version 3.7.


Thanking you,

Adnan Sharief

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Are you by any chance using XP (SP2 or SP3) or Vista?  If so, Microsoft messed up their 1394b driver which fell back from S800 to S100 speed, so options are:


upgrade to Win7


downgrade the driver to the SP1 version


use a substitute driver that replaces the Microsoft driver (if your brand of camera has access to one)







PS I believe this topic has been answered elsewhere in this forum if you search for it

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Hi Scott,


Thank you for replying, the company I got the camera from said I needed access to an sp1 windows XP computer, and to contact them if I don't have access to one. I am currently running sp2 on mine. But fingers crossed I wont need to downgrade and they can come up with appropriate drivers.


Thanks again, really appreciate the help.

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