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I want to acquire a large number of samples consecutively with analog discovery 2 using LabVIEW

We would like to obtain signals with analog detection 2 using LabVIEW.
However, we can collect only 8192 samples at present.
How can I take more samples?

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Hi marry,


maybe you should tell us which DAQ hardware you are using?


Does your MSO provide more than 8192 samples per acquisition?

Did you read the manual of your MSO? Did it explain how to configure bigger sample buffers?



Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Thank you for your reply.


I am using analog discovery 2.

If I set the number of samples to 8192 or higher, it will stop acquiring.

Even if the number of samples is 2 M, only 8192 data can be acquired.


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You are using third-party hardware to do your DAQ.  The Analog Discovery 2 is an "Oscilloscope" chip that appears to work with supplied software to allow you to use this chip as the "logic" of an Oscilloscope.  It also provides some signal processing functions (such as FFTs and other features of modern Oscilloscopes).


Do you know if LabVIEW-compatible DAQmx drivers are available for this device?  When acquiring large amounts of continuous Analog data, the typical DAQmx way to do this is to use the DAQ hardware to acquire, say, 1000 points in a "continuous acquisition" mode.  This means that the DAQmx Task, when started, begins the conversion.  For simplicity, let's assume you specified a sampling rate of 1kHz, and you tell the DAQmx Read function to read 1000 points.  It will wait (for 1 second = 1000 points * 1kHz) until it has all the points have been sent to the PC, then will both start the next Conversion and let the Read function exit so you can process those points.  This is typically inside a While loop to allow points to be taken for as long as the User desires (you need to do something with the data, of course).


See if your device contains LabVIEW DAQmx drivers.  If it does, we may be able to help you to acquire more data using LabVIEW.


Bob Schor

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Thank you for your reply.

Probably DAQmx drivers are not available for analog discovery 2, so I am trying to control using wf-mso.
Can I use wf-mso to continuously acquire a large number of samples?
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