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"In my project, i want to use FPGA and I/O Modules at the same time. But i dont want to use these modules under the FPGA target. I should use them under the cRIO chassis. First, i run them  without adding the FPGA target on the cRIO and i can observe the modules on the "Distributed System Manager" (DSM).
Then i added the FPGA target, and run again. I can  not observe them on the DSM.

In attachment, you can see also what i want and dont want.

Can you help me?"

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Hi Mehmed,


It looks like all you have to do is drag the modules to the chassis. For example, in the second picture, drag "Mod2 (Slot 2, NI9421)" from the FPGA to the chassis. Then it should behave like you want.



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