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How to write data to spread sheet

I am attaching here two pictures (front pannel and block diagram) of my RT vi being Host vi. 


I m trying to write data to spreadsheet. But i don't understand why my file is not being written. I tried the same method before in a general vi and it wroked. 


Here i tried to write to a Text file and i did tried to write to .csv file but in both cases the file is empty. 


I have another problem here, I learnt that writing to a file is slower process, that will obviously result in time out of my FPGA buffer.

so How do i deal with such a situation so that i can efficiently write my data to a file with out timeouts.

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Use a producer-consumer architecture. (Look in New... -> VI -> From Template -> Frameworks -> Producer/Consumer Design Pattern (Data).


In your producer loop you receive the data from the FPGA and enqueue it and then in the bottom loop you dequeue the data and write it to disk.

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yes sir i did it but this my file is empty after execution

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Well it doesn't show that in your screenshots, have you tried probing the wires to make sure that data is being enqueued/dequeued correctly in both loops?

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Sir I did it after i posted the screen shots. My main concern is not "time out" for now i'll optimize it later but my concern is why isnt the file being written.

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Hi Rex,


please keep related questions in one thread.

Your question is (most probably) answered here!

Best regards,

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Oh right, yeah, the path is wrong in your VI as per the other thread, that's why your file isn't writing.

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