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How to use SDATA with AGPNA driver to receive magnitude AND phase data?

Using LabVIEW 8.6 with a N5230A Network analyzer. Downloaded AGPNA driver from NI website. I've tried inputting 'SDATA' as the format for the AGPNA Read Data vi but my data out is not matching up to outputs that I've read about on other forums (e.g.: R +Xi).


When I sweep at 401 points using only FDATA (magnitude) my spreadsheet outputs 401 points. However when I sweep 401 points using SDATA my spreadsheet outputs 802. I'm hoping that my phase outputs are part of that doubled amount but I'm not quite sure. I am using "Write to Measurement File" to capture data in Excel.


Any help is really appreciated! Thanks!



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Hey danadana,


Check out this other discussion forum AGPNA SDATA Format.  This person was seeing a similar situation to yours, and someone responded including a vi that shows how to convert the output SDATA into the format you are looking for.


Hope this helps,

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There is a simpler way to do it than in the linked post. See attached (in LV8.6 version).


Ben 64

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Thanks Ben and Eric.


I wound up pulling off the data out of AGPNA Read, sending it through 'Decimate 1D Array' and then through 'ATAN2' and then multiplying by 180/PI and this worked correctly.



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