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How to use COM/ActiveX events in LabView?

I'm developing a LabView instrument driver that interfaces with a COM object which in turn interfaces with the instrument. I would like to wait on a COM event to acquire data. This process is achieved with the COM connection point mechanism. Accordingly, the COM object generating chassis events will implement the IConnectionPointContainer and IConnectionPoint interfaces. The documentation for he COM object reads: "The process required to "register" the client's event interface pointer with the COM object is largely transparent to Visual Basic clients."

What do I need to do (and/or have the COM object changed to do), in order to use the LabView ActiveX event VIs?
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I'm not sure I understand the problem. Is it that the events for your object are not detected by LabVIEW? You can test this by using the "List Event Descriptions" VI. If an event is not returned by this VI, it cannot be utilized in LabVIEW. Objects must properly implement the IProvideClassInfo interface in order for LabVIEW to recognize the events. If the events are detected by LabVIEW, then you should be able to wait on an event using an ActiveX Event Queue.
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