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How to regenerate a single programmable delay pulse

I'm a labview beginner and I use a DAQ STC 6713.
I'd like to regenerate a single pulse on each rising edge of an external TTL signal on the gate off a counter(1).
I use the vi "Delayed pulse-int" for DAQ STC but I don't know how to configure it to regenerate a pulse on the rising edge of the Gate signal.
Is it possible to obtain a pulse width of about 100ns and a delay off 1ms with that VI?
Any help will be greatly appreciated
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Since your question actually deals with the functions and operations of the 6713 board, this question actually belongs in the Measurement Hardware category of the Developers Exchange. In the future, you will find similar questions and be exposed to other users of this product more likely by posting over there.

The retriggerable pulse generation is a built-in feature with the DAQ-STC chip. You can do this with the example that ships with NI-DAQ located in the LabVIEW >> Examples >> Daq >> Counter >> DAQ-STC directory. It's called Generate Retriggerable Pulse (DAQ-STC).

Geneva L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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