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How to read an Microsoft Excel file by LabVIEW ?

Hi All;


I have captured some of the test data in Microsoft Excel. How can I read that data using LabVIEW and then do some analysis on that, such as FFT,...?



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there are several ways to read data from Excel:

1. Use ActiveX to open excel file and use ActiveX methods to read data if you have multiple worksheets in excel file. This is probably the most difficult way because it depends on ActiveX calls

2. Export data from excel to .csv file and then use LV functions to read the text file, parse the data and push it through FFT

3. Excel files are tab-delimited files and if your excel file has only one  worksheet, you may be able to treat excel file as tab-delimited text file, but that needs to be verified.

 good luck,


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read Excel LabVIEW


A search is not difficult to do. 

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I tried but it still does not work. Attached is a simple LabVIEW file. This file can read LV measurement file (.lvm) and proceed to do FFT but does not read Microsoft Excel File (.xls). How can I modified it to read Excel file?




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Read some of the results in that search. You cannot read a native Excel file with the Read From Measurement File. You have to use ActiveX. The Report Generation Toolkit has functions for this. There are thousands of posts on Excel and ActiveX. A lot of posts/examples are in the Excel board.
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Please do not post search tools. It just brings up more and more search tools.

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Who are you replying to?  You resurrected a 7 year old thread.

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 is simply trolling -- creating yet another search link is not helpful.

Best answer is here:


see James Morris' reply

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No, he was not trolling.  He didn't get such a high ranking on the forums by being a troll.


Sometimes the best way to find an answer is by searching.  Fortunately it looks like you have much better search skills than the original poster who didn't seem to even try.

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Please just go to link below and download the vi sample related to read excel files by LabVIEW. (it is in Persian)

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