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How to read SR830 by triggering through 6221 controlled by labview.


I'm very new to LabVIEW. I'm trying to control keithley 6221 and SR830 using RS-232 or GPIB connection.

Keithley 6221 is used to generate AC current with a series of different amplifiers and frequencies while SR830 is used to read the voltage.

Does anybody know how can I do it?

Are there specific labviews that I can download?

I'll be glad to get any help.


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Hi zjangel,


I'm Jamie an Applications Engineer at NI UK.


To start developing your application using the instruments you have listed the first step I would recommend is the installation of the drivers for both the Standard Research SR830 and the Keithley 6221 both of which are available on the NI Instrument Drivers Network:


- Standard Research SR830 GPIB driver is available here

- Keithley 6221 Power Supply GPIB driver is available here


The next stage would be to ensure the instruments are recognised in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) under the "Devices and Interfaces" tab and that they are correctly configured.


You can then start developing your program using the relevent VISA virtual interfaces (virtual interfaces = blocks on block diagram, the equivalent of subroutines in textual based programming). There is a large library of example VISA code to get you started in the "Help" > "Find Examples" menu within LabVIEW.


Hope this helps get you started in the development of your first LabVIEW program.





Jamie S.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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