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How to reach a web server with a GPRS connection?

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We have developed a cRio Datalogger and we control it by a remote panel with the cRio connected in our LAN.

Now we want to do the same connecting the cRio with a GPRS Modem-Router from Multitech (a Multimodem with DynDns capabilities). The problem is that our provider of GPRS service give a private IP, so we can't access the cRio from internet.

We did a test with an example that comes with Labview, a multiclient TCP connection, we run the client vi in a PC connected to internet with the GPRS Modem and the server in another PC in our LAN. The example runs perfect. In the client vi we added some indicators to show the network address an the remote port, but we can't open a remote panel of the client vi from the PC running the server vi, using the information collected. The network address it isn't a IP number is a name and for our surprise the remote port number is diferent that the port used by the example.

Conclusion, we can do a TCP/IP connection if the communication is started by the Device with the GPRS Modem but we can't do the opposite. The problem is the same to have a web server running in a PC in a LAN and want to reach it from internet without having access to the router configuration.

And because the remote front panel connection is started by the PC who want to open it we can't make it work.

Any idea, is possible what we want to do? 



LV 8.5.1



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We solved the problem using a SIM with movil wide band enabled. With that service, the cell phone company give a public IP address (here in Argentine).

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