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How to programatically detect what are all the drivers used in a labview VI from another VI?


How to programatically detect what are all the drivers used in a labview VI, using its reference in another VI?

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Well, using VI Server you can find all the SubVIs that a VI calls and their absolute paths. You can probably guess that if they are located in vi.lib, or user.lib folders that they are drivers. But this would be a guess only. 

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But if we use this code in another machine which doesn't contain the driver and if i give the VI's path as input to this code, I need to get all the drivers needed to be installed in that machine to make that VI work properly.

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Ok, but what is the point? If you want to distribute application to other computers, create an installer including all required drivers.

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I'm with the others.  Build an EXE using the application builder in a project, then build an installer in the application builder in the project.  When you configure the installer it has a section for Additional Installers, and will auto detect the other installers needed when installing it on a fresh machine (starting in LabVIEW 2014 I think).  This will make one large installer that includes every thing needed to run that EXE on a machine that has no other NI software installed.  I generally make a Full installer, and an Upgrade, where the Full includes all NI installers, and the Upgrade just includes the updated EXE and will only work on a machine that has had a Full installed at some point.

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