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Filter string and get some value from strin

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Hi!!! Alls


I have a string code, and I have nunbers and messages, I want filter from string because I need graph the values


please help me!!




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You really need to provide some information.  All you have told us is that you have something and want to turn it into something else.  I don't know what "filter from string" is supposed to mean.


Show an example of the kind of data you have now, and what kind of result you want to get from it.  Then it would be possible to help you.  Otherwise we can only some wild @$$ guess.




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ass.jpgwild @$$      ?

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If you have a string from which you want to get some numeric data, you can use some functions from the String Palette. For example, if you know the exact location of the numerica data in the string, you can use the String Subset function (you only have to specify the character in which we will start the search and the amount of characters to read). Once you have the string, you can use the Scan from string function, which lets you format the string into a numeric value which you can graph. I attach the image of the functions. 



You can find them in the String Palette in the block diagram. If you want to know how they work, you can use help, by pressing Ctrl+H and moving the mouse over the functions. 


I hope this is useful, 



José Alberto G.
National Instruments
ELP Support Engineer
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lol.Smiley LOL


Didn't expect this image.

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