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How to measure maximum voltage of channel 1 and channel 2 simultaneously in Agilent oscilloscope DSO 2002A?

Don't branch the VISA Resource wire or the error wire. Just call the functions one after the other.

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As per your suggesstion i tried in that way also. Again i'm getting the same problem. it's not reading channel 2's voltage instead it is reading channel 1.

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Please show your modifications.


Are the separate measurements shown on the scope's screen?

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yes, i can see the separate output in the oscilloscope screen. it is reading both channel 1's and channel 2's maximum voltage separately.

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I don't have driver but I believe the Read Measurement function should have an option to pick the specific measurement. What does the help say?

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There is no problem in read measurement function. when i measure channel 1 only, it is reading channel1's maximum voltage correctly. when i measure channel 2 only, it is reading channel 2's maximum voltage correctly. there is no problem in that. the problem is when i try to measure both channel 1's and channel 2's simultaneously. i think the problem may be in configure measurement type (while configuiring source channel 1 and channel 2).

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Then perhaps you are using the wrong polymorphic instance of the function. I would suggest you look at the SCPI commands that are on the block diagram and compare them to what is in the manual.
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i tried in all way. i couldn't solve the problem. herewith i have attached the BP of my program (tried in both parallel and series way). i'm getting the same output. i have a doubt in 'read measurement' function, it is asking measurement type only. then how it will take the channel. if i give source channel 1 and 2 in configure measurement type (separately for both channels), it wil go to default as channel 1 while i runing the program. that is the problem. i dont know how to rectify that.

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And have you tried a different instance like I suggested? This is done by clicking on the polymorphic selector below the function. Have you tried looking at the block diagram of the read measurement function, like I also suggested? Do you always have context help turned on?
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I'm pretty sure you want something like this.

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